The full range of civil engineering, equipment installation, plant investment and operation evaluation to control the construction plans, the preparation of the  project proposal, feasibility study, preliminary design documents. In addition to the above process and thermal engineering, other field requires certain amount of professional and registered engineer as a professional responsible for drawing review. Feasibility study of the design phase of the different industry categories is divided according to the National Plan and Development Committee, brick industrial engineering process is as follows: project proposal  → preliminary design → construction drawings design.

Process Process plan, profiles, equipment installation diagram.
Thermal engineering Full range of civil engineering, equipment installation,wind pipe preapartion and installation plans.
Building and structure  raw material shed,crushing worshop,aging house,main workshop,electric power substation,office,dormitory, whole plant.
Layout for road and transportation in plant area draw the overall planning of the whole plant according to technology, civil engineering, roads, water and electrical lines.
Electric Basing on the power equipment in the process, thermal enginneering, power, and civil engineering to draw the plan of power station, lighting, and power distribution of workshop.
Automatic Raw material preparation,shaping,thermal engineering monitoring and designing.
Plumbing and firing protection Basing on the process, civil work, electrical, thermal requirements for the design of indoor drainage system and fire protection.
Heating and ventilation Boiler room heating system design, heat exchanger system, the heating design of aging house, shaping Section, power stations, office buildings.
Environmental protection Basing on crushing system,moisute exhaust system,smoke exhaust system to design the dust abatement and desulphurize system.
Machinery The design of non-standard equipment, non-powered kiln car, dry car, manual, trailer  the whole plant